A Commission-Free Ordering Website Customized for Your Restaurant.

Get the best of technology and financial autonomy with HungerHQ's bespoke, feature-rich websites with integrated online ordering. Say goodbye to third-party fees and hello to a minimal customer-paid transaction cost.

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Efficiency redefined.

Keep Every Penny You Earn

Our streamlined platform operates so efficiently that a minor customer-borne transaction fee is all it takes to keep us running, saving everyone money.

In a league of its own.

Hassle-Free Ordering Experience

Customers can place orders without the tiresome process of account creation, indulging in a sleek, seamless experience that speaks volumes about your brand's quality.

No sacrifices, only gains.

Cutting-Edge yet User-Friendly

Stand out with a next-level, intuitive platform that brings all the technology perks of a major player but keeps the focus solely on your restaurant.

Why Third-Party Apps Don't Measure Up

Many restaurant owners mistakenly believe they need third-party apps to make it online, but these services often come with hidden costs and limited control.

  • Customer Loyalty: 63% prefer to order directly from restaurants, making your HungerHQ page the best venue for customer engagement.
  • Maximized Revenue: Avoid losing thousands of pounds every month to high commissions
  • Your Brand Shines: With HungerHQ, it's all about you—no distractions from competitors, no overshadowing, just your brand front and center.

Get Paid Directly

Minimal Fees, Maximum Profit

Unshackle from third-party payment processors that inflate fees. With HungerHQ, minimal costs mean more money in your pocket.

Streamlined Payments with Stripe

Harness the power of Stripe to offer a variety of payment methods, including credit cards, digital wallets, Apple Pay, and Android Pay—enhancing user experience and choice.

Instant Earnings, No Waiting Games

Unlike competitors, we don't hold your funds hostage. Gain immediate access to your revenue as soon as the order is placed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. You'll have a dedicated point of contact at HungerHQ who understands your business and can address your needs or questions directly.

Your customers will only pay a minimal £0.50 transaction fee per order. There are no other hidden costs.

No, HungerHQ is designed for restaurants offering collection services or those who have their own delivery drivers. We find this approach maximizes profits for our partners.

We even have free options for that! You can receive order notifications via SMS/Text or email for free. For those who want more, we also offer a tablet with a built-in printer to receive orders for just £160.

We provide promotional material like QR codes that you can display in-store or on your menus. Adding your HungerHQ link to your Google listing is also an effective way to transition customers to this cost-efficient platform.

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